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Sustainability & Cosmic Education

Friday, March 05 | 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Session 1 Workshops
  • Specialized Content Area
  • Workshop
  • Early Childhood

Maria Montessori developed a Cosmic vision that helps us see the interconnectedness of all things and, as guides, it is our responsibility to uphold her teachings on sustainability, responsibility, global citizenship, and peace. This workshop will explore and encourage ways in which children, guides, and their environment can work together to promote and uphold the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will also discuss the importance of stewardship for the Earth in the first plane of development and the value of listening to children to achieve this.

Presented by:
Hannah Joy Baynham, Barabara Isaacs

Hannah Joy Baynham, MA, is the early years course leader and academic tutor at Montessori Centre International in London, United Kingdom. She is founder of Montessori Co-op Instanbul and author of Following the Child (Cocugun Ayak Izinden), published in Turkish. MCI-credentialed (Early Childhood, Teacher Educator).