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Networking: Montessorians of Color

Saturday, March 14 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Guided Networking Session
  • Networking
  • General Interest

Join Montessori colleagues of color to share and reflect upon our experiences in our classrooms and our schools. Let’s work together to establish a strong community network for ongoing support and to raise the profile of equity efforts throughout the Montessori community. Bring your stories and questions!

Presented by:
Iana Phillips, Denise Wilson , Alicia "D. Ann" Williams, Danielle Elise Lazarre

Iana Phillips, MA, MAT, is an Elementary I teacher at Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School in Washington, DC. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II).

Denise Wilson is a director of Primary Montessori Programs and a Montessori directress in a French/Italian classroom at Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy, in Kensington, MD. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood).

Alicia "D. Ann" Williams is director and lead Primary teacher at Zora Montessori in Eugene, OR.