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Facilitating a Shared Understanding of Normalization

Wednesday, March 20 | 01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Pre-Conference Intensives
  • Workshop
  • General Interest
Cost: $130

Normalization is central to Montessori pedagogy, yet recent research shows it is subjectively interpreted, gaps exist between its theory and practice, and teachers and administrators lack a shared understanding of it. These findings can compromise pedagogical fidelity (at all program levels), teacher evaluation processes, teacher efficacy, retention, and students’ normalization. This workshop will guide you through a process wherein normalization is defined and mapped to an existing scientific construct: self-regulated learning. You will leave prepared to put the process in place in your school, and reap the many benefits. 

Presented by:
Laura Flores Shaw

Laura Flores Shaw, PhD, is publisher of The Montessori White Papers, dedicated to translating the science behind Montessori. She is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, specializing in mind, brain, and teaching. Her areas of focus are the intersection of pedagogy and teacher practices, and the alignment of the education field with what research on sensorimotor development and its relation to the development of cognition and executive functions.