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Call for Proposals for The Montessori Event 2020

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The Call for Workshop Proposals for The Montessori Event 2020 is open through May 6, 2019, midnight (ET).You may use this worksheet to prepare your workshop proposal before submitting.

Qualifications for Presenters

Individuals submitting proposals must meet the following qualifications:

  • For topics related to Montessori curriculum: Credential/s at level of target audience/s and minimum of 3 years of experience in Montessori classroom at level/s of target audience/s.
  • For topics related to administration: Minimum of 5 years of experience as an administrator in a Montessori school, or as an administrator/instructor in a teacher education program, or as a professional on the topic.
  • For workshops on theory and/or information related to specialized fields: Appropriate degree/s and minimum of 5 years of experience in field of topic.
  • For research sessions: Experience conducting and presenting research in a professional environment, as well as a postgraduate degree and/or supervision by a faculty advisor in a university setting. 


Rules of Participation:

  • Proposals must be submitted online, using this form, by May 6, 2019 at 11:59 PM (ET).
  • Main presenter must have experience teaching adult learners or presenting in public presentations; e.g., at regional conferences, teacher education programs, universities, etc.
  • Workshops/events may vary in length depending on the chosen format of each session. The length of the proposed workshop must be at least 45 minutes and accommodate any number of attendees (a minimum of 70 attendees). E.g., Workshops may be 45 – 90 minutes; Intensives/Learning Labs are 2 – 4 hours.
  • All presenters must be included on this form. Presenters cannot be added after the proposal has been submitted, unless approved in writing by the AMS Director of Events. If this workshop is a panel, panelists must be entered in the space indicated on the submission form.
  • A maximum of 2 proposals may be submitted by any individual, either as a primary author, a co-author, or a panelist.
  • Proposals for commercial purposes will not be accepted.
  • Presenters are not permitted to advertise or promote any products or services.

Workshop Topics

We eagerly await your proposal/s related to your area/s of interest and expertise. The following topics of special interest are intended to inspire but not limit you:

  • Social justice including diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Refresher workshops on Montessori curriculum areas, materials, and lessons.
  • Workshops geared specifically for attendees representing Montessori public and charter schools.
  • Workshops presented in Spanish (note: your proposal must be submitted in English).

Workshop Categories

All submissions will be asked to identify the appropriate category for the proposal, and to include learner outcomes.

Workshop: A traditional 45 – 90-minute presentation.

Learning Lab: An intensive workshop that explores its topic in-depth. Learning labs may be 2 – 4 hours in length.

Hands-On Workshop: A workshop that allows for interactive learning and attendee participation.

Research Workshop: Session based on research by the presenter.

Panel Workshop: A focused discussion hosted by a facilitator who introduces panelists and topic, keeps conversation focused and flowing, and moderates a Q&A.

Campfire Session: These sessions are intended to recreate the relaxed atmosphere of storytelling by a campfire. A facilitator introduces a key question and invites attendees to break into discussion groups to explore the topic. At the end of the session, attendees come together to share their insights and other outcomes.

Networking Session: Facilitated time for attendees with similar interests to connect with one another.