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Spotlight your product, service, or organization to thousands of Montessori friends and educators worldwide by becoming a sponsor of The Montessori Event.

All sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pricing varies. For more information, email Kristine Cooper, AMS director of development, or call 212-358-1250 x311.

Entitlements of Sponsorship

As a sponsor of The Montessori Event, you will signal your support for the largest Montessori gathering of the year and receive the following entitlements:

  • Your logo with a hyperlink to your organization's website on The Montessori Event webpage
  • Your organization's logo printed in full color on The Montessori Event signage
  • Your organization’s name and/or logo in the printed conference guide and post-conference communications
  • Visual projection of your organization’s logo at all keynote addresses
  • Listed as a sponsor on the official conference app

New for 2019

Exhibit Hall
How many attendees visit the Exhibit Hall? A lot! Sponsor our heavily trafficked Exhibit Hall and your brand will be front and center of the thousands of conference participants who flock to the site throughout the conference to shop for Montessori products and services for their schools, classrooms, and programs. Your company’s name and logo will be prominently displayed on signage and included in verbal acknowledgments at keynote addresses.

Welcome Bash
Following Montessori Voices, we’ll kick the celebration into high gear with The Montessori Event Welcome Bash—a joyous blowout that brings our community together and leaves you inspired by the great work of transforming lives through Montessori education. Open to all attendees, there will be dancing, drinks, and a fan-favorite photo booth. Become a sponsor and your company's logo will appear on signs at the party.

Digital Marketing
Establish your brand at the largest gathering of Montessorians in the world, months before the doors even open! Select this sponsorship, and we’ll place your logo—front and center—in the footer of 4 conference emails, each of which will reach 50,000 inboxes. In addition, AMS will send 1 dedicated email message on your behalf to our entire email list. Our email marketing efforts are optimized to achieve high open rates, ensuring that your message will be seen by the most involved members of our community, worldwide.

Wall Calendar
Month after month, long after The Montessori Event is over, attendees will be reminded of your brand in this colorful, custom wall calendar. Featuring images of Montessori classrooms and materials, the calendar will include your logo on every page, alongside The Montessori Event logo.

This eye-“popping” sponsorship will allow attendees to text with one hand and snap better photos, while literally holding your brand in the palm of their hand. Your logo will be displayed in full color on their phones alongside The Montessori Event logo.

Portable Phone Charger
A busy day of workshops, keynotes, and networking events will leave attendees without much time to charge their phone. By sponsoring this portable battery charger, you’ll be the attendees’ saving grace when they’re able to charge on the go! Your logo will be prominently displayed on one side of the charger, which will also include, on other sides, a second sponsor’s logo and The Montessori Event logo.

Lunch Bag
This handy conference memento will bring your brand to classrooms across the globe. When attendees sport these bags back home, your company’s name will be introduced to growling stomachs in towns, cities, and countries worldwide. Your logo will be prominently featured along with the official logo of The Montessori Event.

Conference Stipend
Lend a hand to a fellow Montessorian in need—an eager learner who would love to attend The Montessori Event and gain valuable takeaways for bring backing their community, but is lacking the funding to do so. By sponsoring a teacher who could not otherwise experience these 4 days of exploration, discovery, and connections with a global community of peers, you are giving them a gift of a lifetime—and something they will be able to pay forward.

Connection Lounge
Attendees will connect with old and new acquaintances in our Connection Lounge. Outfitted with charging stations and comfy places to sit, it will be a cozy place to recoup energy—both for devices and one’s self—and to network with friends, colleagues, and AMS board and staff. And, we’ll have iPads on hand, which attendees can use for checking out job openings at AMS member schools and affiliated teacher education programs. Your company’s name and logo will be displayed on signage and included in verbal acknowledgements.

Tote Bag Items

Tote Bags
Imagine your logo printed in full color on the beautiful, durable totes given to attendees when they arrive. These ever-popular bags are a staple throughout the event—holding conference materials and more—and are often used for years after, where they will receive visibility in towns, cities, and countries worldwide.

Flavored Lip Balm
The smooth smiles of our attendees will be a visible sign of their thanks when you sponsor these soothing tubes of flavored lip balm. Your brand will receive continued visibility when attendees return home and use it post-conference.

Requested by attendees themselves, this small, sturdy notebook will feature your organization’s logo imprinted in 1 color on the cover. Used by attendees to jot down workshop notes, this journal will become one of the most widely used items of the conference.

Name-badge lanyards, which must be worn by all attendees throughout the conference, are not only among the most visible sponsorship items, they will literally keep your organization’s name in everyone’s line of vision. Your 1-color logo, along with the AMS logo, will be printed on lanyards made from environmentally friendly, 100% recycled material.

Put your name right at people’s fingertips as they jot down notes throughout The Montessori Event and beyond. Your organization’s logo, along with your web address, will be emblazoned in 1 color on the barrel of this high-quality ballpoint pen.

Reusable Water Bottles
These sturdy, reusable bottles will be imprinted with your 1-color logo, and will live on long after the conference concludes, giving your sponsorship a lengthy shelf life.

Keynotes & Networking Opportunities

Friday Keynote Address: Daniel Goleman
Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, a multi-year bestseller, selling over 5 million copies, has transformed the way the world educates children. It is becoming more and more difficult to function in this busy, distracted world, but Daniel will help us to discover and act on our focus and emotional intelligence—2 essential components that guide our every though and action. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen at the start of the keynote. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding all 3 of our keynote addresses, along with the logos of other conference sponsors.

Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch Lecture: Pedro Noguera
Every year we honor AMS’s founder, Nancy McCormick Rambusch, with a lecture delivered by an eminent educator or child advocate. We are proud to present Pedro Noguera as this year’s Rambusch speaker. A distinguished professor and sociologist, Pedro will present his research on the incredible value and benefit that early childhood education has on children, particularly those from under-resourced and disadvantaged backgrounds. Attendees will come away with an understanding of how to communicate to parents to further support their students. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen at the start and end of the program. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding all 3 of our keynote addresses, along with the logos of other conference sponsors.

Sunday Keynote Address: Scilla Elworthy
Scilla Elworthy is a 3-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in developing effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics. She will share thoughts on how we can assist children in developing skills that effectively defuse anger and aggression in school—skills they can use beyond the classroom to transform the world for the better. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen at the start of the keynote. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding all 3 of our keynote addresses, along with the logos of other conference sponsors.

Presenter Lounge
Support our fabulous presenters—the backbone of The Montessori Event—by ensuring that they have a comfortable space to relax and center themselves before delivering their workshops. Your logo will be prominently displayed on signage.

International Attendees Reception
Hola, ni hoa, annyeong, shalom (and much more!). Welcome our international guests by sponsoring this event, which will be a prime opportunity to expand awareness of your brand to a world of new markets. Your logo will be displayed during the reception and your organization will receive a verbal thank you.

Teacher Educators Section Meet & Mingle
AMS-affiliated teacher education programs excel in preparing highly skilled AMS-credentialed teachers and leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to recognize those programs at a reception specifically for them. As a sponsor, your company's logo will appear on printed signs during the reception and you will receive a verbal thank you. This sponsorship is ideal for those wishing to support future Montessori educators and the high-quality programs that prepare them for their careers.

School Accreditation Social
AMS school accreditation is the ultimate signal of quality Montessori education. We are proud to celebrate those schools that have achieved this distinction with a reception explicitly for them. As a sponsor, your company's logo will appear on printed signs during the reception and you will receive a verbal thank you. This sponsorship is ideal for those wishing to recognize our accredited schools for their exemplary achievements, and for their role as leaders and models of excellence within the larger Montessori community.

Montessori Voices
Make a splash by sponsoring Montessori Voices, the first keynote event of the conference. Attendees will be inspired and entertained as a diverse group of 5 Montessori masters and aficionados share stories from their life and work. The speakers will bring core Montessori principles and practices to life, and paint a picture of what a future with Montessori can look like. Become a sponsor and your company's logo will appear on signs during the Welcome Bash, immediately following.

Advertising Opportunities

Mobile App
Our conference app will make it easy for attendees to stay on top of all that’s going on at The Montessori Event—as well as build their own schedules and engage in social networking. Select this sponsorship and your company’s banner ad will be placed on the app for attendees to see before, during, and after the conference. But that’s not all! Every morning of the event, an email update will go out to attendees who have built a schedule on the AMS 2019 app, putting your banner ad front and center of a highly motivated, involved, and discriminating group.

Printed Conference Program Guide
Throughout our conference, attendees refer to the schedules, event descriptions, maps, and other essential information in this robust, printed guidebook, which we distribute onsite. Make your mark with a full-, quarter-, half-, or full-page promotional spot inside the book or (for best exposure) on one of the covers. The entire guide will be printed in full color—guaranteeing that your ad will really pop!

Hotel Key Cards

Attendees who stay onsite visit their rooms throughout the day—and every time they reach for their key card, they’ll see your logo. Printed on the card in full color, your logo will receive maximum exposure throughout the weekend.

Directional Signs
Strategically and centrally located throughout the hotel, directional signs featuring your full-color logo will help thousands of attendees navigate the conference site. By sponsoring these signs, you will be putting your brand front and center of not only them—but every hotel guest.

Recyclable Shopping Bags
Let’s do our part as Montessorians to keep the planet clean by sponsoring recyclable shopping bags, imprinted with your logo, which will be used for purchases made in Shop AMS. Last year over 2,000 transactions were made at our bookstore—how many do you think we’ll have this year?!