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Organizational Leadership & Team Management in a Montessori Way

Cosmic Program: It's Not Just for Elementary, It's for Everyone

Learning the Periodic Table through the Cosmic Story

This workshop will show you how the table can be taught in a learning spiral that ends in complexity but starts with simple stories that tie the physical world to our personal lives.

Teaching in a Post-Factual World

This workshop explores the nature of teaching in a time of fake news, alternative facts, and rejection of traditional logical arguments.

Navigating Teacher & Administrative Transitions

Whether the change is planned or sudden, we need strategies for saying good-bye to those who are leaving (and hello to those we are welcoming) to the community. You’ll leave with solid ideas for uniting your school community during periods of transition.

Reducing Conflict in Secondary Group Work

Join a discussion of hands-on, time-tested strategies to help your students become more efficient and compassionate during group projects.

Area & the Pythagorean Theorem

This hands-on workshop will take you through a series of activities that involve determining area without using formulas, and these creative methods will lead to a surprising place: the Pythagorean theorem!

Federal Education Programs & Benefits for Private Schools

Come learn about professional development opportunities for teachers and staff, programs for academically “at-risk” students, services for students with disabilities, resources for English language learners, and support for schools following natural disasters.

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