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Volunteers provide vitally needed support in ensuring that The Montessori Event runs smoothly for the thousands of attendees! Many opportunities are available.

Saturday Keynote Speaker: Erin Brockovich

The real-life icon on whom the Academy-Award-winning movie, Erin Brokovich, was based, our keynote speaker has lived her life much like Maria Montessori lived hers—as a public advocate for vulnerable populations, steadfastly exemplifying courage and conviction.

Continuing Education

The Montessori Event offers valuable opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Friday Keynote Speaker: Rachel Ignotofsky

Rachel Ignotofsky is a New York Times-bestselling author who creates educational artwork promoting scientific literacy and historical inclusivity. Rachel will introduce you to some of these remarkable women. She will touch upon some of their incredible discoveries, and relate them to our lives today.

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Call for Proposals for The Montessori Event 2021

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