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We Are a Global Montessori Community

Community is everything. We are better together. This presentation will explore what community means, both for us as adults and for children at each plane of development.

Keynote Address: Wynton Marsalis

Creating a Relevant & Outstanding School Website

The purpose of school websites are ever-evolving. Join this workshop to learn how your school can build a website that serves as a meaningful and useful tool for your current and future staff and families.

Deepening Your Montessori Practice with Infants

Join us to explore the questions that come up in the infant classroom or home environment, including ways of showing respect to infants, how to maximize your powers of observation, and how to best support the families of our youngest learners.

Computers, Coding & Technology in the Elementary Classroom

This workshop focuses on basic technology standards for all grade levels and shares tips and tricks for bringing coding and computer content into your classroom.

Humor & Playfulness in the Classroom

This workshop will explore how to kindle students’ imaginations, stimulating their capacity for investigation, work, and conceptual understanding.

Montessori 101 for Early Childhood Educators

Join us to discover the basic tenets of Montessori, including its foundation in education for peace and social justice, the importance of the mixed-aged classroom, and how Montessori supports the development of order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

Spotlight Presentation: Understanding Identity to Support the LGBTQ+ School Community

This workshop will give you the tools to understand your own culture/identities as a way to dismantle stereotypes, reduce microaggressions, and increase your understanding and support of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Going Out” Virtually

This presentation will invite you to consider how you can incorporate “Going Out” a part of your virtual Upper Elementary learning community during the pandemic, and as a stepping stone to future in-person Going Out experiences.

Culturally Sensitive Practice: The Spiritual Embryo

In this workshop, you will learn about the guide’s role in creating a "second womb" for our youngest learners through a carefully prepared environment.