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Live Performance of Maria Montessori: The Musical

Maria Montessori, The Musical takes audiences into the life of a remarkable girl who dared to be different and changed the world as a result.

Board Elections Candidate Forum

As a member of AMS, you are entitled to vote in elections each year to fill seats on our board of directors. Join us at this forum to meet the dynamic candidates who are currently running for office.

Birthday Bash: Celebrating 150 Years of Maria!

The anniversary of Maria’s 150th birthday takes place August 31, 2020—and we’ll be celebrating in style at The Montessori Event, as part of our yearlong tribute to the woman who started it all. We cordially invite all attendees to join us; the bash is included as part of conference registration.

Networking: Montessori Doctoral Programs

If you’re considering pursuing a doctorate in Montessori education, this session will be a prime opportunity to gather helpful information.

Networking: Montessorians of Color

Join Montessori colleagues of color to share and reflect upon our experiences in our classrooms and our schools.

Creating Presence in an Online Course

In this session, you will learn why presence in an online course is one of the key components of a successful experience for both learners and instructors.

From Grammar Lessons to Writer’s Workshop

. In this session, the presenter will discuss how children who spend time practicing grammar work internalize the essential questions for thinking critically about their writing.

Leveraging Montessori Research in Your Community

This interactive workshop focuses on how to spread the word about Montessori’s evidence base within your school, program, or university.

Mastering Parent Communication

This workshop will focus on new methods to enhance interactions with parents and explain Montessori materials and theories in easy-to-understand ways.

Psychogeometry through the Lens of Neuroscience

In this session, you will examine Psychogeometry through the lens of neuroscience to answer questions such as: How do brains learn?