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Cultivating Empathy through Community

Enhance your understanding of cultivating empathy and community in young children as we share concrete and proven suggestions for laying the foundations of successful service-based learning.

Spotlight Presentation: The Power of Your Awareness

Even with the best intentions, we may still miss opportunities to lift the voices of all our students. This presentation will help you to stay on course with championing the identity of each and every one.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Montessori Math Today

In this workshop, the presenters will discuss how subitizing—not counting, but rather seeing objects at a glance—gives the strongest foundation for early numeracy for all children.

Discovering Genuine Laughter of the Child

Learn how to create holistic environments where children thrive on multiple levels and are able to connect to their authentic laughter and pure joy.

Exploring Theater with Children

Explore one school’s student-created production to learn how much fun exploring theater with your students can be. We will discuss the process of writing, staging, and performing an original play written by children.

Promoting Literacy in Infant & Toddler Environments

In this workshop, you will explore ways to get infants and toddlers excited about reading.

Studying the Silk Road: Civilizations on the Move

Deepen your understanding of 100 through 1400 C.E., a time when trade routes flourished, linking China, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Learn how to teach this era of innovation with sample lessons for grades 4 – 6.

Practical Life in the Elementary Classroom

In this workshop, you will revisit the true aim of Practical Life and its connection to education for peace—and gain insight into how to prepare the Elementary classroom so children can form a rich and respectful community.

What Current Research Says About Montessori

Join the co-chairs of the AMS Research Committee for a high-level summary of research related to Montessori theory and practice, and to learn how you can stay up to date on research on your own.