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Music in the Early Childhood Montessori Classroom

This workshop will help you bring music curriculum into your Early Childhood classroom by exploring songs, dances, and rhythmic exercises so that your students (and you!) can reap the benefits of music.

School Leaders as Cultivators of High-Fidelity Montessori

This workshop will present the Montessori Essential Elements and AMS’s Pathway of Continuous School Improvement as a framework for exploring ways to establish and develop a dynamic, responsive, authentic Montessori community.

Psychogeometry Through the Lens of Neuroscience

Discover the connection between psychogeometry and neuroscience to learn about how the brain learns, how motivation and interests develop, and how Montessori classrooms and materials foster the development of executive functions.

The Effect of Parenting Styles on Students

This workshop will present 4 basic parenting styles and how they impact children in the classroom. Learn how these styles present themselves in the areas of discipline, communication, nurturance, and expectation.

Starting an AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Program

Join our teacher education staff and experienced program directors to learn essential information for developing a teacher education program, such as AMS requirements and details about the self-study process.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Serving the Families of Our Youngest Students

Join this workshop to learn about the importance of building relationships with infant and toddler families. Also, learn how to best honor each family’s unique story and build effective partnership with them.

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Virtual Exhibit Hall