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The Cosmic Approach in Early Childhood

Using this as a foundation, the presenters will explore the many ways that the Early Childhood environment, prepared by the sensitive and knowledgeable guide.

Classroom Meals from Concept to Casserole

Join a discussion about the many benefits of preparing and sharing food with children as well as preparation and planning techniques.

Returning to Montessori’s Root

You will learn about a specific initiative that partners with schools and other community-based organizations to bring effective and culturally responsive Montessori education to children and families in low-income communities that historically have been denied access.

Backwards Design in Adult Education Courses

In this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of what backwards design is, why it is effective, and how you can implement it when designing your own teacher education courses.

Advancing Autonomy through Student-Centered Assessment

In this workshop, you will reground your educational assessment philosophy through a student-centered approach that increases student motivation and proficiency.

Guiding the Young Child to Success by Building Confidence & Fostering Independence

In this workshop, you will learn observation strategies that will help you best understand when to provide additional assistance and when to step back and let the child work independently.

Un Enfoque Montessori a las Fracciones y el Universo

Esta sesión explorará como los conceptos básicos de las matemáticas – enfocando específicamente en las fracciones – se alinean con el currículo de estudios Montessori y con la Educación Cósmica.

Updates from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)

In this session, MACTE staff will share updates on the work being accomplished in the field of accreditation and teacher education programs.

What’s the Latest in Montessori Research?

This workshop will provide you with a high-level summary of research related to Montessori outcomes as well as other aspects of Montessori theory and practice.

Communication in the First Plane of Development

This workshop will explore the role of both the child and adult during this developmental period, specifically in regards to language development and communication.