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Graduate Research in Montessori Education

Join a panel of experienced Montessori researchers and AMS Dissertation & Thesis Award recipients as they share their experiences in conducting graduate-level research in Montessori education.

Intractable Interactions

This workshop will explore the what and why of critical conversations while reviewing current research and writing.

Language Development in the First 3 Years

This workshop will offer practical guidelines, supported by Montessori methodology and current research, for fostering optimal language development in children from birth to age 3.

Montessori Math Today

In this workshop, the presenters will discuss how subitizing—not counting, but rather seeing objects at a glance—gives the strongest foundation for early numeracy for all children.

Livening Up the History of Language

The workshop will also lend itself to a discussion about state standards as they pertain to the curriculum.

Navigating Teacher & Administrative Transitions

Whether the change is planned or sudden, we need strategies for saying good-bye to those who are leaving (and hello to those we are welcoming) to the community. You’ll leave with solid ideas for uniting your school community during periods of transition.

Partnering for Special Needs Progress

This workshop will explore strategies for helping students who need more than the traditional Montessori classroom can provide.

Practical Life in the Elementary Classroom

In this workshop, you will revisit the true aim of Practical Life and its connection to education for peace—and gain insight into how to prepare the Elementary classroom so children can form a rich and respectful community.

Reducing Conflict in Secondary Group Work

Join a discussion of hands-on, time-tested strategies to help your students become more efficient and compassionate during group projects.

Critical Consciousness in Teacher Education Programs

In this session, you will take a deep look at critical consciousness and the role it plays in Montessori teacher education programs.