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School Leaders as Cultivators of High-Fidelity Montessori

Friday, March 05 | 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Session 1 Workshops
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  • Administrator

Whether you have a newer school or one with a long history, committing to the essential elements of Montessori practice is the indispensable task of school leaders—the creators, keepers, and nurturers of school culture and educational practice. It can be difficult to interpret and implement a high-fidelity Montessori culture while meeting the ever-changing needs of all constituents, but this workshop will present the Montessori Essential Elements and AMS’s Pathway of Continuous School Improvement as a framework for exploring ways to establish and develop a dynamic, responsive, authentic Montessori community. Topics for discussion include classroom elements, teacher cultivation, school mission and vision, and parent relationships.

Presented by:
Jennifer Nolan, Anna Perry

Jennifer Nolan is the head of school and administrator course coordinator at Seton Montessori Institute and Schools, in Clarendon Hills, IL. She is a member of the AMS School Accreditation Commission. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Administrator).

Anna Perry, MEd, MA, is the executive director of Seton Montessori Institute and Schools, in Clarendon Hills, IL. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Administrator).