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Just Observe! Really?

Friday, March 05 | 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Session 1 Workshops
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Specialized Content Area
  • Workshop
  • Infant & Toddler

In this workshop, we will explore how creating intentional time for observation helps us, as educators, to “follow the child.” Dr. Maria Montessori developed her method of education through scientific observation and our role as her forebearers is to continue to integrate this into our practice. When we allow space for observation, we relax the classroom atmosphere, elevate our relationship with parents, and experience continual transformation in our role in the classroom.

Presented by:
David Shelton-Dodge

David Shelton-Dodge is Infant & Toddler practicum director for Hope Montessori Educational Institute and co-chair of HMEI's annual regional conference, in St. Louis, MO. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).