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Live Performance of Maria Montessori: The Musical

Friday, March 13 | 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

  • All Attendee
  • General Interest

Be inspired by a live performance of Maria Montessori: The Musical, starring students from Montessori Academy in Brentwood, TN. Maria Montessori: The Musical is the story of Dr. Montessori’s life and work from childhood through her mid-30s, when she opened her first Casa. It delves into her close bond with her mother, conflict with her father over her chosen studies, and her emergence, against all odds, as a powerful voice in the feminist movement as a tireless physician and scholar. Woven into the narrative are the experiences and discoveries that formed the fundamental elements of Dr. Montessori’s educational method. Come join in this engaging retelling of our shared “family history” as Montessorians!